Sustainability has become a buzz word and not a second too soon!

Murray Store owner, Polly Hall, has been recycling and supporting local producers since forever.

Which is why it’s no surprise to see her at the forefront of the eco-friendly retail revolution, handpicking producers for their ethos and ethics as much as for their designs.

We live in a world where consumers look behind the label for proof of zero waste and ethical working conditions. The high street has been quick to respond to this by adopting more stringent sustainable policies. And, if the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that mankind should not be messing with nature.

Britain still has a lot of work to do to become a greener, cleaner nation, yet many of our European brands have long recognised the oceans and the climate as being their lifeline, developing innovative ways to use recyclable or natural or organic fibres to reduce their carbon footprint.

Take note, manufacturers, take note.

The good news is, it’s never too late for us individuals to jump on the eco-ship and sail into a brighter world!

We can start by following these sustainably-savvy shopping tips:

Avoid fast fashion
Buy goods that use natural, chemical-free products
Question every purchase: will it last, or will you bin it after one year?
Is this made from recycled materials, is it biodegradable, can it be recycled?
Does this support fair trading and small business?
Shop locally
Avoid plastic packaging
Invest in an eco-friendly washing machine that uses less water and energy

If we all reduce our eco-footprint and embrace the slow fashion movement, then collectively we will make a difference.

* Looking good * feeling good * doing good *