We featured the brand in our News section when they were included in a 2021 Observer fashion spread on the UK’s Top 10 Pyjama Brands!!

And we have exclusively sold their versatile sleep-to-lounge wear. All sets vary, with long sleeve/short, linen/cotton, patterned/plain to choose from. They all have a contemporary, utilitarian aesthetic designed to be worn around the clock.

The name “Insiders” was devised from being in the know and being indoors, conceived during one of the lockdowns (oh so many, let’s forget about them!) by a former menswear buyer, Gemma Lee, who is driven by a *buy less, buy better* philosophy.

Gemma sources surplus fabric to create her detailed, high-quality pieces. She says:

“Blue is the collection’s key colour, along with classic patterns, but with the added twist of space-dye yarns and an ikat (a dying technique originating in Indonesia). Eye-catching, playful, but never lairy.”